What Does A Knee Brace Do? Reason To Wear Knee Braces

Before deciding to use a knee brace, it’s important to know what a knee brace does. Although the primary purpose of wearing knee braces is to protect the knee from possible injuries during sports, people wear different types of knee braces for a variety of reasons in various conditions.

There are mainly four types of knee braces offering different benefits to the users. They are; prophylactic, functional, unloader or offloader, and rehabilitative knee brace. Each category has specific functions. Here is how knee braces help save their wearers from unexpected pain and injury.

Wearing an unloader knee brace helps you keep active when you have structural knee problems. This particular type of knee brace is specially designed to provide relief to those who have arthritis injury in their knees. You would wonder to know that unloader knee braces unload weight from the infected body part to a stronger area.

Some specific exercises and sports that involve stepping up and down for warm-up are likely to cause injury. Using prophylactic brace while taking this kind of exercise protects your knee joints.

Prophylactic knee braces are particularly meant for athletes who play contact sports like soccer and hockey. They are also great for those previously suffered from medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury. These kinds are very popular among athletes.Though there is no scientific evidence that they work, research is going on to find their potential benefits.

A particular type of knee brace, called functional brace, helps people in various conditions and is often recommended by the physician and doctors. Unlike normal knee braces, functional braces are specially designed and have some special purposes.

Researches have shown that a knee supported with a functional knee brace can withstand more force than an unsupported one. While normal knee braces provide support to healthy athletes, functional braces support those who already got injured.

They can be used to substitute for damaged ligaments. Patients suffering from ACL injury benefit from wearing this kind of knee braces.
Rehabilitative knee braces help people keep their knee stable and limit harmful knee movements when they are under rehabilitation right after an injury or a knee surgery.

The use of this category is essential if you have recent knee surgery to recover it successfully. But there is still disagreement over whether rehabilitative braces work or not under this kind of condition and circumstances.

Moreover, wearing a good knee brace keeps knee joints and ligaments in proper condition and helps take required movements when warming up oneself. A knee brace also makes you feel more energized while taking knee movements.

Which knee brace you should use depends on the conditions and circumstances you are in and the type of injuries you have. It’s always advisable that you see your doctor, and your doctor should recommend which knee brace you should use. You should also ask your doctor if you need to wear a knee brace.

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